Making Sense of Japanese, One Sip at a Time

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Embark on a journey with SakeSaySo, where learning Japanese is a leisurely discovery, one character, one conversation at a time.

Join SakeSaySo – language learning doesn’t need to be a textbook and test based experience. Embrace the vibrant, chaotic and always fascinating Japanese culture from a fellow learners perspective. Born from a personal quest to navigate the language and culture, SakeSaySo was born from a lack of existing tools and features that we craved. Provided, free of charge, free of ads, free of tracking.

Reading Japanese language, history, philosophy and drinking culture with our tailored features:

English-Japanese Dictionary

Navigate through over 180,000 dictionary entries, each rich with cultural insights and designed for ease of use. A lifeline for those moments when “cheers” in Japanese escapes you.


Learning knows no bounds – enjoy an offline access experience for those moments of inspiration or necessity. Whether you’re commuting or at a remote sake bar, your Japanese learning journey continues uninterrupted.

Open Source Story Format

Explore and share stories with our story .zip import/export support. Engage with the community through our SakeScript format and story repository, personalizing your learning just like your favorite drink. Connect to custom repositories for an extensible learning experience.

Custom Decks & Flashcards

Seamlessly export to and import from Anki and the “Japanese” app. Create and customize your own vocabulary and sentence lists for flip-card memorization. Enjoy a personalized learning experience with entries supporting individualized notes, reinforced by spaced repetition for effective learning.

Daily News, Lost in Translation

Daily news translations for practical (and sometimes impractical) language learning. Peruse at your leisure; no need to chug it all at once.

Adjacent Learning

Explore how words interlink with “related” words and sentence-based learning. Improve kanji comprehension with animated stroke orders on vocabulary pages—useful tools for understanding the complexities and subtleties of kanji, just as you would explore the nuances of sake brewing.

SakeSaySo takes language learning seriously. It is your late-night buddy, your cultural guide, one sip at a time. Join us and discover a side of Japanese you won’t find in textbooks.