Welcome to the SakeSaySo documentation - where we host resources for the thirsty learner. Currently documentation is created as necessity dictates, responding to more frequent queries.

SakeSaySo caters to learners favoring pragmatic language learning over traditional textbook methods. The initial focus is primarily on enhancing reading experiences with texts drawn from everyday situations and news. While it’s not tailored for standardized tests like the JLPT or TOEIC, it may offer a differentiated approach to language learning.

SakeSaySo, at its core is a dictionary with example sentences. Such entries, including sentences, may be added to named “decks” you can create for review. Decks can be learned with flash cards, utilizing spaced repetition, but also imported and exported. On top of these simpler capabilities are stories, articles and dialogues, that are leveraging the aforementioned basic tools.

Import and Export Learning Decks

SakeSaySo is designed with sharing, collaboration and open formats in mind. We support plaintext exchange formats for importing and exporting flash-card decks, compatible with both the Anki and the “Japanese” app.


How to contribute to the community repository